Sikh Baby Boy Names From Gurbani

Explore the depth of Sikh heritage with our collection of Sikh Baby Boy Names from Gurbani. Immerse yourself in names rooted in the sacred verses of the Guru Granth Sahib, striking a harmonious balance between tradition and spiritual significance. From timeless appellations like Amrit to distinctive choices like Jaskeerat, each name encapsulates the essence of Sikh culture and values. This thoughtfully curated selection not only pays homage to your faith but also honors the virtues and wisdom embedded in Gurbani. Delve into these names to discover a meaningful and auspicious choice for your little Sikh prince, enriching his journey with the spiritual resonance of Sikh traditions.

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1AkaljeetOne who has won over the timeless, victoriousBoySikh
2AmritpalProtector of the nectar, cherishes divine elixirBoySikh
3AmardeepImmortal lampBoySikh
5ArjanThe warrior's victoryBoySikh
6AmrikNectar of immortalityBoySikh
7AngadPart of GodBoySikh
8AjitInvincible, unconquerableBoySikh
13AnandBliss, joyBoySikh
14AgyaTrue, obedientBoySikh
15ArshpreetLove for the divine throneBoySikh
16AmanpreetLove for peaceBoySikh
17AnhadUnstruck, referring to the divine musicBoySikh
18AmanjotRadiating peaceBoySikh
19ArshdeepLamp of the divine throneBoySikh
20AseemInfinite, limitlessBoySikh
21AdeshCommand, instructionBoySikh
22AkashdeepIllumination of the sky, celestial lightBoySikh
23AnoopIncomparable, uniqueBoySikh
24ArshbirBrave as a lion in the divine realmBoySikh
25AmreekOne with God, blessed by the AlmightyBoySikh
26AviralContinuous flow, unbrokenBoySikh
27AwtarIncarnation, manifestation of the divineBoySikh
28AseesdeepLamp of blessingsBoySikh
29AkaaldeepEternal lamp, the light of the timelessBoySikh
30AnhadpreetLove for the eternal, unstruck melody of the divineBoySikh
31AmarpalProtector of the immortal, guardian of the eternalBoySikh
32ArshvirHeroic like the divine throneBoySikh
33AnantvirEndless braveryBoySikh
34AmanjyotRadiant peaceBoySikh
35AmulbirIncomparable heroBoySikh
36ArshjotLight of the divine throneBoySikh
37AnuragLove, affectionBoySikh
38ArshmeetFriend of the divine throneBoySikh
39AvtardeepLamp of the divine incarnationBoySikh
40ArshnoorDivine lightBoySikh

1BalrajKing, powerful and mightyBoySikh
2BaneetPolite, well-manneredBoySikh
3BarinderLord of oceans, one who rules the watersBoySikh
4BhavdeepLamp of God's emotion or feelingBoySikh
5BhupinderKing of kings, sovereign rulerBoySikh
6BhagwantLucky, fortunateBoySikh
7BalvinderStrong, powerful kingBoySikh
8BalpreetLove for strengthBoySikh
9BaltejMighty and gloriousBoySikh
10BhuprajKing of kings, ruler of rulersBoySikh
11BimaldeepLamp of pure lightBoySikh
12BikramjitVictorious heroBoySikh
13BirpreetLove for braveryBoySikh
14BishavdeepLamp of God's visionBoySikh
15BhagirathOne who brings the message of GodBoySikh
16BalvirCourageous heroBoySikh
17BikramdeepLamp of courageous lightBoySikh
18BhavneetModest, humbleBoySikh
19BishanpreetLove for God's visionBoySikh
20BalwanPowerful and mightyBoySikh
21BhavrajKing of emotionsBoySikh
22BishandeepLamp of God's lightBoySikh
23BirindarLord of warriorsBoySikh
24BhagatveerDevotee and braveBoySikh
25BhupmeetFriendly kingBoySikh
26BalmeetFriendly and strongBoySikh
27BishanbirBrave like GodBoySikh
28BhagwinderLord of fortunate peopleBoySikh
29BhupinderpalProtector of the king of kingsBoySikh
30BikrampreetLove for courageous heroBoySikh
31BalraajKing of strengthBoySikh
32BhagminderLord of the braveBoySikh
33BhavpreetLove for feelingsBoySikh
34BalveerStrong heroBoySikh
35BhupjotRadiant light of the king of kingsBoySikh
36BikramjeetVictorious and courageous heroBoySikh
37BhagirathpreetLove for the one who brings God's messageBoySikh
38BaljinderLord of strengthBoySikh
39BhupenderLord of the kingsBoySikh
40BhavjotRadiant light of emotionsBoySikh

1CharanpreetLove for the feet of the LordBoySikh
3CharanjeetOne who has conquered the lotus feet of the LordBoySikh
4ChintanContemplation, meditationBoySikh
5ChiragdeepEternal lampBoySikh
6ChiranjotEternal lightBoySikh
7ChetanpreetLove for consciousnessBoySikh
8ChetinderLord of consciousnessBoySikh
9ChintanvirContemplative heroBoySikh
10ChatardeepLamp of awarenessBoySikh
11CharankamalLotus feet of the LordBoySikh
12CharanpremLove for the feet of the LordBoySikh
13ChiranjivOne who lives foreverBoySikh
14ChintanbirContemplative heroBoySikh
15ChetandeepLamp of consciousnessBoySikh
16CharanpalProtector of the Lord's feetBoySikh
17ChiranjivbirImmortal and braveBoySikh
18ChetanvirConscious heroBoySikh
19ChiranjivpalProtector of the immortalBoySikh
20CharanmeetFriend of the Lord's feetBoySikh
21ChintandeepLamp of contemplationBoySikh
22ChiranjivpreetImmortal loveBoySikh
23ChetanjotRadiant consciousnessBoySikh
24ChiranjivpalpreetImmortal love, protector of the immortalBoySikh
25ChintanveerContemplative heroBoySikh
26CharanbirBrave at the Lord's feetBoySikh
27ChiranjivveerImmortal heroBoySikh
28ChetanpremLove for consciousnessBoySikh
29CharanjivImmortal lifeBoySikh
30ChintanmeetFriend in meditationBoySikh
31CharanjeetbirVictorious conquerorBoySikh
32ChiranjivmeetImmortal friendBoySikh
33ChetanbirConscious heroBoySikh
34ChiranjivinderLord of the immortalBoySikh
35ChintanpalProtector in meditationBoySikh
36CharaninderLord of the Lord's feetBoySikh
37ChiranjivpremImmortal loveBoySikh
38ChetanmeetbirFriend of conscious heroBoySikh
39CharanprembirBrave love for the Lord's feetBoySikh
40ChiranjivpalbirImmortal and brave protectorBoySikh
41ChintanveerbirContemplative and brave heroBoySikh

1DaljeetThe victorious one in battlesBoySikh
2DavinderKing of the godsBoySikh
3DayaalCompassionate, mercifulBoySikh
4DarshanVision, sight, glimpse of the divineBoySikh
5DalerBrave, courageousBoySikh
6DilpreetOne who is deeply lovedBoySikh
7DarpanMirror, reflectionBoySikh
8DilrajKing of heartsBoySikh
9DaanvirHeroic donor, generous warriorBoySikh
10DayaapreetLove for compassionBoySikh
11DamanController, one who controlsBoySikh
12DharamdeepLamp of righteousnessBoySikh
13DharmpreetLove for righteousnessBoySikh
14DiljaanHeartfelt, sincereBoySikh
15DaasmeetFriend of the devoteesBoySikh
16DyalpreetLove for kindnessBoySikh
17DhanrajKing of wealthBoySikh
18DalvinderGod of the armiesBoySikh
19DavjotRadiant light of the godsBoySikh
20DivyanshDivine part, divine elementBoySikh
21DalbhagatDevotee of the brave oneBoySikh
22DarshanbirBrave one who inspires visionBoySikh
23DayalbirBrave and compassionateBoySikh
24DhanrajpreetLove for the king of wealthBoySikh
25DharamveerRighteous heroBoySikh
26DalerpreetLove for braveryBoySikh
27DivpreetLove for the divineBoySikh
28DilmeetFriendly heartBoySikh
29DuniyapreetLove for the worldBoySikh
30DharmpalProtector of righteousnessBoySikh
31DilraajDominion of the heartBoySikh
32DayalveerCompassionate heroBoySikh
33DhanrajdeepLamp of the king of wealthBoySikh
34DaljinderGod of the victoriousBoySikh
35DivjotDivine lightBoySikh
36DalpreetLove for the brave oneBoySikh
37DhamanbirBrave one who controlsBoySikh
38DarshanpalProtector of divine visionBoySikh
39DayalninderLord of compassionBoySikh
40DatarbirBrave giver, generous warriorBoySikh

1EkamOne, unityBoySikh
2EkjotThe one light, the divine lightBoySikh
3EkampreetLove for the singular, one-mindedBoySikh
4EkagarOne-pointed, focused attentionBoySikh
5EkanpreetLove for the oneBoySikh
6EkamjotRadiant light of the oneBoySikh
7EkbalUnity and equalityBoySikh
8EshwardeepLamp of the divine lordBoySikh
9EkaanshA part of the one, a fractionBoySikh
10EkraamOne with grace, divine graceBoySikh
11EkpreetLove for the oneBoySikh
12EkamroopEmbodiment of the oneBoySikh
13EkantSolitude, singularityBoySikh
14EkloveAbsorbed in the one's loveBoySikh
15EshwarbirBrave like the divine lordBoySikh
16EkamveerBrave like the oneBoySikh
17EkjyotRadiant light of the oneBoySikh
18EshwardeepLamp of the divine lordBoySikh
19EkanpreetLove for the singular, one-mindedBoySikh
20EkamroopEmbodiment of the oneBoySikh
21EkamjotRadiant light of the oneBoySikh
22EkampreetLove for the singular, one-mindedBoySikh
23EkbalUnity and equalityBoySikh
24EkanshA part of the one, a fractionBoySikh
25EkaanshA part of the one, a fractionBoySikh
26EkamOne, unityBoySikh
27EkamroopEmbodiment of the oneBoySikh
28EkantSolitude, singularityBoySikh
29EkaanshA part of the one, a fractionBoySikh
30EkloveAbsorbed in the one's loveBoySikh
31EshwarbirBrave like the divine lordBoySikh
32EshwardeepLamp of the divine lordBoySikh
33EkamveerBrave like the oneBoySikh
34EkbalUnity and equalityBoySikh
35EkjotThe one light, the divine lightBoySikh
36EkamroopEmbodiment of the oneBoySikh
37EkamjotRadiant light of the oneBoySikh
38EkpreetLove for the oneBoySikh
39EshwardeepLamp of the divine lordBoySikh

2FatehbirBrave victoryBoySikh
3FatehpalProtector of victoryBoySikh
4FatehleenAbsorbed in victoryBoySikh

1GursimranRemembrance of the GuruBoySikh
2GurdeepLamp of the GuruBoySikh
3GurdasServant of the GuruBoySikh
4GurdevDivine teacherBoySikh
5GurpreetLove for the GuruBoySikh
6GurvinderLord of the GuruBoySikh
7GurleenAbsorbed in the Guru's loveBoySikh
8GursharanSheltered by the GuruBoySikh
9GursevakServant of the GuruBoySikh
10GurbirBrave in the Guru's realizationBoySikh
11GunrajKing of virtuesBoySikh
12GurbakhshBlessed by the GuruBoySikh
13GurcharanLotus feet of the GuruBoySikh
14GurmanAbsorbed in the Guru's mindBoySikh
15GurvanshLineage of the GuruBoySikh
16GurjotRadiant light of the GuruBoySikh
17GurjeevanLife dedicated to the GuruBoySikh
18GurkaranActions in the service of the GuruBoySikh
19GurdeepakIllumination of the GuruBoySikh
20GurnoorLight of the GuruBoySikh
21GurinderpalProtector of the Guru's sanctuaryBoySikh
22GurushabadWords of the GuruBoySikh
23GursahibNoble, exalted by the GuruBoySikh
24GurtejGlory of the GuruBoySikh
25GurvachanUtterances of the GuruBoySikh
26GurjaapChanting the name of the GuruBoySikh
27GurchetOne who is aware of the GuruBoySikh
28GurditGift of the GuruBoySikh
29GurjaanBeloved of the GuruBoySikh
30GurachintContemplating the GuruBoySikh
31GurcharanLotus feet of the GuruBoySikh
32GurjeevanLife dedicated to the GuruBoySikh
33GurkamalLotus of the GuruBoySikh
34GursagarOcean of the GuruBoySikh
35GursevakServant of the GuruBoySikh
36GurvairAdversary of ignorance, enemy of darknessBoySikh
37GurbaniWords from the Guru's teachingsBoySikh
38GurjaanBeloved of the GuruBoySikh
39GurnoorLight of the GuruBoySikh
40GurinderLord of the GuruBoySikh
41GurmukhOne who follows the Guru's teachingsBoySikh
42GurvinderLord of the GuruBoySikh
43GurseeratUnion with the Guru's essenceBoySikh
44GursherLion of the GuruBoySikh
45GursahibNoble, exalted by the GuruBoySikh
46GurtajCrowned by the GuruBoySikh
47GurdeepinderLamp of the Guru's sanctuaryBoySikh
48GurtaranSavior through the Guru's graceBoySikh
49GurdaatGift of the GuruBoySikh
50GurkaramActions in the service of the GuruBoySikh
51GursukhPeace through the GuruBoySikh
52GurveerBrave in the Guru's realizationBoySikh
53GurleenAbsorbed in the Guru's loveBoySikh
54GurudayalCompassionate Lord of the GuruBoySikh
55GurukaramBenevolent actions of the GuruBoySikh
56GurjeevLife dedicated to the GuruBoySikh
57GuranshPart of the GuruBoySikh
58GurkamalLotus of the GuruBoySikh
59GurlaabBeloved of the GuruBoySikh
60GursangatAssociation with the Guru's congregationBoySikh
61GurmitFriend of the GuruBoySikh
62GursahajPeaceful through the Guru's graceBoySikh
63GursajanBeloved of the Guru's congregationBoySikh
64GursangeetMelody of the Guru's teachingsBoySikh
65GurshabadWords of the GuruBoySikh
66GursheelVirtuous like the GuruBoySikh
67GurtaaranSaviour through the GuruBoySikh
68GurvaakUtterances of the GuruBoySikh
69GurvijayVictorious through the GuruBoySikh
70GurwinderLord of the GuruBoySikh
71GurucharanLotus feet of the GuruBoySikh
72GurditGift of the GuruBoySikh
73GuriaanSinging the praises of the GuruBoySikh
74GurianEyes focused on the GuruBoySikh
75GurmailUnion with the GuruBoySikh
76GurukarCreator of the GuruBoySikh
77GurvikramHeroic deeds for the GuruBoySikh
78GursehejExcellence through the Guru's graceBoySikh
79GurvanshLineage of the GuruBoySikh

1HarleenAbsorbed in the Lord's loveBoySikh
2HarmandeepLamp of the Lord's templeBoySikh
3HarsharanSheltered in the Lord's refugeBoySikh
4HargunOne blessed with God's virtuesBoySikh
5HarjapChanting the name of the LordBoySikh
6HarmanBeloved of the LordBoySikh
7HarminderLord of the Lord's templeBoySikh
8HarpreetLove for the LordBoySikh
9HarroopBeautiful form of the LordBoySikh
10HarsimranRemembering the Lord with joyBoySikh
11HarveerBrave like the LordBoySikh
12HarbhajanWorshiper of the LordBoySikh
13HargobindThe Lord's liberatorBoySikh
14HarshpalProtector of joyBoySikh
15HarvinderLord of the Lord's templeBoySikh
16HarkiratOne who remembers the LordBoySikh
17HarleenAbsorbed in the Lord's loveBoySikh
18HarmeetFriend of the LordBoySikh
19HarroopBeautiful form of the LordBoySikh
20HarshdeepLamp of joyBoySikh
21HarvinderpalProtector of the Lord's templeBoySikh
22HarjeevanLife dedicated to the LordBoySikh
23HarshbirBrave in the joy of the LordBoySikh
24HarbansLord's familyBoySikh
25HarvindGod of the LordBoySikh
26HarjasPraise of the LordBoySikh
27HarpremLove for the LordBoySikh
28HarshitHappy, joyfulBoySikh
29HarcharanFeet of the LordBoySikh
30HardeepLamp of the LordBoySikh
31HarlokWorld of the LordBoySikh
32HarmohitAttracted to the Lord's loveBoySikh
33HarsimarRemembering the Lord with joyBoySikh
34HarshaanDelighted by the LordBoySikh
35HarshivBlissful like the LordBoySikh
36HarvanshLineage of the LordBoySikh
37HarjeetVictor of the LordBoySikh
38HarminderpalProtector of the Lord's templeBoySikh
39HarvishLord's gloryBoySikh
40HarbhagatDevotee of the LordBoySikh
41HardeetAttaining the mercy of the LordBoySikh
42HardyalCompassionate heartBoySikh
43HargopalProtector of the Lord's lightBoySikh
44HarjaspreetLove for the Lord's praiseBoySikh
45HarleenAbsorbed in the Lord's loveBoySikh
46HarnamRemembrance of the Lord's nameBoySikh
47HarshaanDelighted by the LordBoySikh
48HarshamanJoyful mindBoySikh
49HartejRadiance of the LordBoySikh
50HarsharanSheltered in the Lord's refugeBoySikh
51HarshdeepLamp of joyBoySikh
52HarshveerBrave and joyousBoySikh
53HarveerBrave like the LordBoySikh
54HarveerHeroic like the LordBoySikh
55HarvindGod of the LordBoySikh
56HarvinderpalProtector of the Lord's templeBoySikh
57HarwindLord's windBoySikh
58HarwinderLord's victoryBoySikh
59HarzarGazing upon the LordBoySikh
60HasmitSmiling, cheerfulBoySikh
61HarnoorLight of the LordBoySikh
62HarshaanjitVictoriously delighted by the LordBoySikh
63HarshpreetLove for the joyful oneBoySikh
64HarvinderjitVictoriously dedicated to the LordBoySikh
65HarvinderpalProtector of the Lord's templeBoySikh
66HarvinderjitVictoriously dedicated to the LordBoySikh
67HarvinderpalProtector of the Lord's templeBoySikh
68HarvikramLord's brave deedsBoySikh
69HarvirHeroic like the LordBoySikh
70HarvinderLord of the Lord's templeBoySikh
71HarwinVictory of the LordBoySikh
72HarwishDesire for the LordBoySikh
73HarzindVictory of the LordBoySikh
74HemanGolden, made of goldBoySikh
75HeminderLord of the golden templeBoySikh
76HiraDiamond, precious stoneBoySikh
77HiraanAdmiring the diamondBoySikh

1InderjitConqueror of Indra, triumph of the divineBoySikh
2IkamThe one, unityBoySikh
3IkjotOne divine light, the single light of the SupremeBoySikh
4IkpreetLove for the oneBoySikh
5IkrajOne ruleBoySikh
6IkroopOne divine formBoySikh
7IksirEssence, nectarBoySikh
8IktaarOne string (as in the oneness of God)BoySikh
9IkveerOne brave warriorBoySikh

1JagdeepLamp of the worldBoySikh
2JasveerHero of gloryBoySikh
4JaskaranMerciful, kindBoySikh
5JaspreetLove for gloryBoySikh
6JagmohanAttractive to the worldBoySikh
7JivandeepLamp of lifeBoySikh
8JasjeetVictorious gloryBoySikh
9JasmeetFriend of gloryBoySikh
10JasminderpalProtector of gloryBoySikh
11JasroopEmbodiment of gloryBoySikh
12JassinderLord of gloryBoySikh
13JivrajKing of lifeBoySikh
14JusleenAbsorbed in the Lord's praiseBoySikh
15JivanshPart of lifeBoySikh
16JagpalProtector of the worldBoySikh
17JasbinderLord of gloryBoySikh
18JashanCelebration, praiseBoySikh
19JagbirBrave in the worldBoySikh
20JodhbirBrave warriorBoySikh
21JapreetLove for meditationBoySikh
22JatinderLord of chastityBoySikh
23JasvinderpalProtector of gloryBoySikh
24JaskaranjitVictorious mercifulBoySikh
25JasnamRemembering the gloryBoySikh
26JaspremLove for gloryBoySikh
27JassveerHero of gloryBoySikh
28JivnamRemembering the lifeBoySikh
29JagbirBrave in the worldBoySikh
30JagdeepLamp of the worldBoySikh
31JaskiratOne who sings the praises of the LordBoySikh
32JasleenAbsorbed in the Lord's praiseBoySikh
33JassbirBrave in gloryBoySikh
34JasspreetLove for gloryBoySikh
35JasvirHeroic gloryBoySikh
36JatinderpalProtector of chastityBoySikh
37JagroopEmbodiment of the worldBoySikh
38JivrajKing of lifeBoySikh
39JaskaranMerciful, kindBoySikh
40JashanpreetLove for celebrationBoySikh
41JivtarImmortal lifeBoySikh
42JasmitAbsorbed in the Lord's remembranceBoySikh
43JasleenAbsorbed in the Lord's praiseBoySikh
44JeevanpreetLove for lifeBoySikh
45JasjotRadiant light of the LordBoySikh
46JapjotRadiant light of meditationBoySikh
47JagmeetFriend of the worldBoySikh
48JitenderConqueror of the sensesBoySikh
49JashnpremCelebration of loveBoySikh
50JuspreetLove for the victoriousBoySikh
51JivrajKing of lifeBoySikh
52JagpalProtector of the worldBoySikh
53JatinderpalProtector of the chaste oneBoySikh
54JaspreetLove for gloryBoySikh
55JasjeetVictorious gloryBoySikh
56JagmeetpalProtector of the world's friendBoySikh
57JusmeetFriend of the victoriousBoySikh
58JujharWarrior, one who fights with determinationBoySikh
59JeevanjitVictorious in lifeBoySikh
60JivrajKing of lifeBoySikh
61JagdishLord of the worldBoySikh
62JivteshLord of lifeBoySikh
63JapinderpalProtector of meditationBoySikh
64JatinpreetLove for meditationBoySikh
65JaskiranRay of the LordBoySikh
66JasleenAbsorbed in the Lord's praiseBoySikh
67JagdevLord of the worldBoySikh
68JivtarImmortal lifeBoySikh
69JapjeevLife absorbed in meditationBoySikh
70JashpinderLord of gloryBoySikh
71JashnpreetCelebration of loveBoySikh
72JitenderConqueror of the sensesBoySikh
73JivrajKing of lifeBoySikh
74JagjeetVictorious in the worldBoySikh
75JeevanshPart of lifeBoySikh
76JodhbirBrave warriorBoySikh
77JusmeetFriend of the victoriousBoySikh
78JuspreetLove for the victoriousBoySikh
79JujharWarrior, one who fights with determinationBoySikh
80JagdishLord of the worldBoySikh

1KanwarPrince, heirBoySikh
2KirpalMerciful, kindBoySikh
3KaramAction, deedBoySikh
4KaranKarmic actionBoySikh
5KiranRay of lightBoySikh
6KuldeepLamp of the familyBoySikh
7KarambirBrave through divine graceBoySikh
8KaranbirBrave and righteous through actionBoySikh
9KulwantOne absorbed in the familyBoySikh
10KartarCreator, the supreme beingBoySikh
11KhushpalProtector of happinessBoySikh
12KavalpreetLove for the lotus feet of the LordBoySikh
13KiratOne who earns a living with honestyBoySikh
14KulvirBrave in the familyBoySikh
15KaramjeetVictorious through divine graceBoySikh
16KaranpreetLove for karmic actionBoySikh
17KiranpreetLove for the rays of lightBoySikh
18KuljitVictorious in the familyBoySikh
19KaranjitVictorious through righteous actionsBoySikh
20KiranjeetVictorious through the rays of lightBoySikh
21KulwinderLord of the familyBoySikh
22KartarpreetLove for the creatorBoySikh
23KiratvirBrave in honest livingBoySikh
24KaramdeepLamp of righteous actionsBoySikh
25KaranjeetVictorious through the rays of lightBoySikh
26KuljotRadiant light of the familyBoySikh
27KavalpreetLove for the lotus feet of the LordBoySikh
28KiranpalProtector of the rays of lightBoySikh
29KuldeepLamp of the familyBoySikh
30KaramveerBrave through divine actionsBoySikh
31KartarjeetVictorious through the grace of the CreatorBoySikh
32KirpalMerciful, kindBoySikh
33KirtanSinging praises of the LordBoySikh
34KuljeetVictorious in the familyBoySikh
35KaramjitVictorious through divine actionsBoySikh
36KaranvirBrave and righteous through actionsBoySikh
37KirtanpreetLove for singing praises of the LordBoySikh
38KulpreetLove for the familyBoySikh
39KavaljeetVictorious through the lotus feet of the LordBoySikh
40KiratvirBrave in honest livingBoySikh

1LakhbirBrave as a hundred thousandBoySikh
2LakhpreetLove for a hundred thousandBoySikh
3LakhvirHeroic like a hundred thousandBoySikh
4LabhpreetLove for profit, beneficial loveBoySikh
5LabhjotRadiant light of profit, beneficial lightBoySikh
6LakhanAim, targetBoySikh
7LakhmirPeaceful and contented like a hundred thousandBoySikh
8LakhshaiDesirable, worth a hundred thousandBoySikh
9LalitpreetLove for the beautiful, charming loveBoySikh
10LavpreetLove for devotion, affectionate loveBoySikh
11LochanBright eyesBoySikh
12LachmanFortunate, luckyBoySikh
13LakhvirHeroic like a hundred thousandBoySikh
14LabhpreetLove for profit, beneficial loveBoySikh
15LabhjotRadiant light of profit, beneficial lightBoySikh
16LakshmanProsperous, fortunateBoySikh
17LachhmanProsperous, fortunateBoySikh
18LabhpreetLove for profit, beneficial loveBoySikh
19LabhjotRadiant light of profit, beneficial lightBoySikh
20LakhbirBrave as a hundred thousandBoySikh
21LakhpreetLove for a hundred thousandBoySikh
22LakhvirHeroic like a hundred thousandBoySikh
23LochanBright eyesBoySikh
24LabhpreetLove for profit, beneficial loveBoySikh
25LabhjotRadiant light of profit, beneficial lightBoySikh
26LakhbirBrave as a hundred thousandBoySikh
27LakhpreetLove for a hundred thousandBoySikh
28LakhvirHeroic like a hundred thousandBoySikh
29LabhpreetLove for profit, beneficial loveBoySikh
30LabhjotRadiant light of profit, beneficial lightBoySikh
31LakhbirBrave as a hundred thousandBoySikh
32LakhpreetLove for a hundred thousandBoySikh
33LakhvirHeroic like a hundred thousandBoySikh
34LabhpreetLove for profit, beneficial loveBoySikh
35LabhjotRadiant light of profit, beneficial lightBoySikh
36LakhbirBrave as a hundred thousandBoySikh
37LakhpreetLove for a hundred thousandBoySikh
38LakhvirHeroic like a hundred thousandBoySikh
39LabhpreetLove for profit, beneficial loveBoySikh
40LabhjotRadiant light of profit, beneficial lightBoySikh
41LabhjeetVictorious in gaining profitBoySikh
42LakhdeepIlluminated by a hundred thousand lightsBoySikh
43LakhjotRadiance of a hundred thousandBoySikh
44LakhsinghLion of a hundred thousandBoySikh
45LakhveerBrave as a hundred thousandBoySikh
46LambodarLord with a large bellyBoySikh
47LekhrajKing of writingBoySikh
48LokpalProtector of the worldBoySikh
49LochandAttractive eyesBoySikh
50LalitpalProtector of beautyBoySikh
51LakshpreetLove for prosperityBoySikh
52LoharajaIron-like kingBoySikh
53LakhmirPeaceful and contented like a hundred thousandBoySikh
54LakshbirBrave and blessed by GodBoySikh
55LavinderLord of loveBoySikh
56LubhinderLord of graceBoySikh
57LakhsimarRemembering the Lord in a hundred thousand waysBoySikh
58LakshveerHeroic and blessed by GodBoySikh
59LabhveerBrave in gaining profitBoySikh
60LakhinderLord of a hundred thousandBoySikh
61LokveerHeroic in the worldBoySikh
62LakshhpreetLove for the prosperity of the LordBoySikh
63LabhpreetLove for profit, beneficial loveBoySikh
64LakshjeetVictorious in the prosperity of the LordBoySikh
65LubhpreetLove for the Lord's graceBoySikh
66LajveerBrave with honorBoySikh
67LakshyaAim, targetBoySikh
68LakhshpreetLove for the prosperity of the LordBoySikh
69LakhjotRadiance of a hundred thousandBoySikh
70LabhjeetVictorious in gaining profitBoySikh
71LokveerHeroic in the worldBoySikh
72LakhmirPeaceful and contented like a hundred thousandBoySikh
73LakshbirBrave and blessed by GodBoySikh
74LabhveerBrave in gaining profitBoySikh
75LakshjeetVictorious in the prosperity of the LordBoySikh
76LubhpreetLove for the Lord's graceBoySikh
77LajveerBrave with honorBoySikh
78LokpalProtector of the worldBoySikh
79LochandAttractive eyesBoySikh

1ManveerBrave of mindBoySikh
2MeetpalProtector of friendsBoySikh
3MohinderLord of loveBoySikh
4ManmeetFriendly mindBoySikh
5ManpreetLove from the heartBoySikh
6MohanjitVictory over attachmentBoySikh
7ManjotRadiant light of the mindBoySikh
8MandeepLamp of the mindBoySikh
9ManrajKing of the mindBoySikh
10ManroopEmbodiment of the mindBoySikh
11ManmeetpalProtector of friendly mindsBoySikh
12MohanbirBrave and captivating like the LordBoySikh
13MukhdeepLamp of the faceBoySikh
14ManjeetOne who conquers the mindBoySikh
15ManpremLove of the mindBoySikh
16MohanjeetVictorious over attachmentBoySikh
17ManvirHeroic mindBoySikh
18ManjinderpalProtector of the mind's sanctuaryBoySikh
19ManroopEmbodiment of the mindBoySikh
20ManveerBrave of mindBoySikh
21MeetpalProtector of friendsBoySikh
22MohinderLord of loveBoySikh
23ManmeetFriendly mindBoySikh
24ManpreetLove from the heartBoySikh
25MohanjitVictory over attachmentBoySikh
26ManjotRadiant light of the mindBoySikh
27MandeepLamp of the mindBoySikh
28ManrajKing of the mindBoySikh
29ManroopEmbodiment of the mindBoySikh
30ManmeetpalProtector of friendly mindsBoySikh
31MohanbirBrave and captivating like the LordBoySikh
32MukhdeepLamp of the faceBoySikh
33ManjeetOne who conquers the mindBoySikh
34ManpremLove of the mindBoySikh
35MohanjeetVictorious over attachmentBoySikh
36ManvirHeroic mindBoySikh
37ManjinderpalProtector of the mind's sanctuaryBoySikh
38ManroopEmbodiment of the mindBoySikh

1NavdeepNew lampBoySikh
2NirmaljeetPure and victoriousBoySikh
3NavpreetNew loveBoySikh
4NavinderpalProtector of the new sanctuaryBoySikh
5NihalBlissful, joyousBoySikh
6NaamleenAbsorbed in the divine nameBoySikh
7NaamdevDivine in the nameBoySikh
8NavjeetNew victoryBoySikh
9NavroopNew formBoySikh
10NavmeetpalProtector of the new friendBoySikh
11NavjotNew lightBoySikh
12NirmaldipPure lampBoySikh
13NavroopNew formBoySikh
14NavtejNew radianceBoySikh
15NiranjanPure, untaintedBoySikh
16NavdeepNew lampBoySikh
17NirmaljeetPure and victoriousBoySikh
18NavpreetNew loveBoySikh
19NavinderpalProtector of the new sanctuaryBoySikh
20NihalBlissful, joyousBoySikh
21NaamleenAbsorbed in the divine nameBoySikh
22NaamdevDivine in the nameBoySikh
23NavjeetNew victoryBoySikh
24NavroopNew formBoySikh
25NavmeetpalProtector of the new friendBoySikh
26NavjotNew lightBoySikh
27NirmaldipPure lampBoySikh
28NavroopNew formBoySikh
29NavtejNew radianceBoySikh
30NiranjanPure, untaintedBoySikh
31NavleenNew absorption, immersed in the divineBoySikh
32NavkarSalutation to the divineBoySikh
33NavpremNew loveBoySikh
34NavreetNew traditionBoySikh
35NavroopNew formBoySikh
36NavchetNew awarenessBoySikh
37NavdeepNew lampBoySikh
38NirmaldipPure lampBoySikh
39NavkiranNew ray of lightBoySikh
40NavmeetNew friendBoySikh
41NirmalroopPure formBoySikh
42NavroopNew formBoySikh
43NavpreetNew loveBoySikh
44NavmeetpalProtector of the new friendBoySikh
45NavdeepNew lampBoySikh
46NirmaljeetPure and victoriousBoySikh
47NavjeetNew victoryBoySikh
48NavroopNew formBoySikh
49NavmeetpalProtector of the new friendBoySikh
50NavjotNew lightBoySikh
51NirmaldipPure lampBoySikh
52NavroopNew formBoySikh
53NavtejNew radianceBoySikh
54NiranjanPure, untaintedBoySikh
55NavleenNew absorption, immersed in the divineBoySikh
56NavkarSalutation to the divineBoySikh
57NavpremNew loveBoySikh
58NavreetNew traditionBoySikh
59NavroopNew formBoySikh

1OjasveerFull of energy and strengthBoySikh
2OnkarThe one Creator of the universeBoySikh
3OmkarThe cosmic sound representing the divineBoySikh
4OorjaEnergy, strengthBoySikh
5OjaspalProtector of energyBoySikh
6OjaskiratSinging the praises of the energetic oneBoySikh
7OjasmeetFriendly and full of energyBoySikh
8OmjeetVictorious over the cosmic soundBoySikh
9OorjasvinPossessing great energy and strengthBoySikh
10OorjitEnergetic and powerfulBoySikh
11OjasdeepIlluminated with energy and strengthBoySikh
12OorjaEnergy, strengthBoySikh
13OnkardeepLamp of the divine soundBoySikh
14OnkarjeetVictorious over the divine soundBoySikh
15OnkarpreetLove for the divine soundBoySikh
16OmveerHeroic and representing the divineBoySikh
17OorjitEnergetic and powerfulBoySikh
18OmprakashLight of the divineBoySikh
19OmpreetLove for the divineBoySikh
20OnkarjitVictorious over the divineBoySikh
21OnkarleenAbsorbed in the divine soundBoySikh
22OnkarveerHeroic and courageous like the divine soundBoySikh
23OmdeepDivine lightBoySikh
24OmjeetVictorious over the divineBoySikh
25OjaspreetLove for energy and strengthBoySikh
26OormeetFriendly and full of energyBoySikh
27OorjaEnergy, strengthBoySikh
28OorjitEnergetic and powerfulBoySikh
29OnkarleenAbsorbed in the divine soundBoySikh
30OmdeepDivine lightBoySikh
31OnkarjeetVictorious over the divine soundBoySikh
32OjasdeepIlluminated with energy and strengthBoySikh
33OorjaEnergy, strengthBoySikh
34OormeetFriendly and full of energyBoySikh
35OmkardeepLamp of the divine soundBoySikh
36OmprakashLight of the divineBoySikh
37OorjitEnergetic and powerfulBoySikh
38OnkarveerHeroic and courageous like the divine soundBoySikh
39OmveerHeroic and representing the divineBoySikh
40OorjasvinPossessing great energy and strengthBoySikh
41OjasmeetFriendly and full of energyBoySikh
42OnkardeepLamp of the divine soundBoySikh
43OorjaEnergy, strengthBoySikh
44OmjeetVictorious over the divineBoySikh
45OorjitEnergetic and powerfulBoySikh
46OnkarpreetLove for the divine soundBoySikh
47OmprakashLight of the divineBoySikh
48OmpreetLove for the divineBoySikh
49OjaspreetLove for energy and strengthBoySikh
50OmkarleenAbsorbed in the divine soundBoySikh
51OorjaEnergy, strengthBoySikh
52OorjitEnergetic and powerfulBoySikh
53OnkarveerHeroic and courageous like the divine soundBoySikh
54OmveerHeroic and representing the divineBoySikh
55OorjasvinPossessing great energy and strengthBoySikh

1ParamdeepSupreme lightBoySikh
2ParamjeetSupreme victoryBoySikh
3PrabhleenAbsorbed in God's loveBoySikh
4PrabhjeetVictorious through God's graceBoySikh
5PrabhmohanAttractive to GodBoySikh
6PrabhsimarRemembering God in many waysBoySikh
7PrabhmeetFriend of GodBoySikh
8PrabhjotDivine light of GodBoySikh
9PrabhsimranRemembrance of GodBoySikh
10PrabhchetAwareness of GodBoySikh
11PrabhroopEmbodiment of God's formBoySikh
12ParamdeepSupreme lightBoySikh
13ParamjeetSupreme victoryBoySikh
14PrabhleenAbsorbed in God's loveBoySikh
15PrabhjeetVictorious through God's graceBoySikh
16PrabhmohanAttractive to GodBoySikh
17PrabhsimarRemembering God in many waysBoySikh
18PrabhmeetFriend of GodBoySikh
19PrabhjotDivine light of GodBoySikh
20PrabhsimranRemembrance of GodBoySikh
21PrabhchetAwareness of GodBoySikh
22PrabhroopEmbodiment of God's formBoySikh
23ParamveerSupreme warriorBoySikh
24ParamroopSupreme formBoySikh
25PragatmeetManifestation of loveBoySikh
26PragatchetAwareness of the manifestedBoySikh
27PragatdeepManifestation of lightBoySikh
28PragatjeetVictorious in manifestationBoySikh
29PragatpreetManifestation of loveBoySikh
30PrabhgunVirtues of GodBoySikh
31PrabhroopEmbodiment of God's formBoySikh
32ParamroopSupreme formBoySikh
33PrabhchetAwareness of GodBoySikh
34PrabhdeepRadiant light of GodBoySikh
35PrabhmeetFriend of GodBoySikh
36PrabhroopEmbodiment of God's formBoySikh
37PragatjeetVictorious in manifestationBoySikh
38PragatpreetManifestation of loveBoySikh
39PragatchetAwareness of the manifestedBoySikh
40PragatdeepManifestation of lightBoySikh
41PrabhsimranRemembrance of GodBoySikh
42ParamdeepSupreme lightBoySikh
43ParamjeetSupreme victoryBoySikh
44PrabhleenAbsorbed in God's loveBoySikh
45PrabhjeetVictorious through God's graceBoySikh
46PrabhmohanAttractive to GodBoySikh
47PrabhsimarRemembering God in many waysBoySikh
48PrabhmeetFriend of GodBoySikh
49PrabhjotDivine light of GodBoySikh
50PrabhsimranRemembrance of GodBoySikh
51PrabhchetAwareness of GodBoySikh
52PrabhroopEmbodiment of God's formBoySikh
53ParamveerSupreme warriorBoySikh
54ParamroopSupreme formBoySikh
55PragatmeetManifestation of loveBoySikh
56PragatchetAwareness of the manifestedBoySikh
57PragatdeepManifestation of lightBoySikh
58PragatjeetVictorious in manifestationBoySikh
59PragatpreetManifestation of loveBoySikh
60PrabhgunVirtues of GodBoySikh
61PrabhroopEmbodiment of God's formBoySikh
62ParamroopSupreme formBoySikh
63PrabhchetAwareness of GodBoySikh
64PrabhdeepRadiant light of GodBoySikh
65PrabhmeetFriend of GodBoySikh
66PrabhroopEmbodiment of God's formBoySikh
67PragatjeetVictorious in manifestationBoySikh
68PragatpreetManifestation of loveBoySikh
69PragatchetAwareness of the manifestedBoySikh
70PragatdeepManifestation of lightBoySikh
71PrabhsimranRemembrance of GodBoySikh

Names starting with the letter "Q" are not very common in Gurbani

1RaajdeepLamp of the kingdomBoySikh
2RavjotRadiant lightBoySikh
3RaheemCompassionate, mercifulBoySikh
4RamanAbsorbed in the Lord's joyBoySikh
5RaghbirBrave like the LordBoySikh
6RaghupreetLove for the Lord of the RaghusBoySikh
7RaghveerHeroic like the Lord of the RaghusBoySikh
8RajveerHeroic in the kingdomBoySikh
9RamdasServant of the Lord RamaBoySikh
10RandeepLamp of battleBoySikh
11RanjitVictor in battleBoySikh
12RasmeetFriend of divine elixirBoySikh
13RasroopEmbodiment of divine elixirBoySikh
14RatanjitVictor of jewelsBoySikh
15RatandeepLamp of jewelsBoySikh
16RavinderpalProtector of the Lord of the SunBoySikh
17RavjotRadiant lightBoySikh
18RaheemCompassionate, mercifulBoySikh
19RamanAbsorbed in the Lord's joyBoySikh
20RaghbirBrave like the LordBoySikh
21RaghupreetLove for the Lord of the RaghusBoySikh
22RaghveerHeroic like the Lord of the RaghusBoySikh
23RajveerHeroic in the kingdomBoySikh
24RamdasServant of the Lord RamaBoySikh
25RandeepLamp of battleBoySikh
26RanjitVictor in battleBoySikh
27RasmeetFriend of divine elixirBoySikh
28RasroopEmbodiment of divine elixirBoySikh
29RatanjitVictor of jewelsBoySikh
30RatandeepLamp of jewelsBoySikh
31RavinderpalProtector of the Lord of the SunBoySikh

1SahibjitVictorious masterBoySikh
2SatinderLord of truthBoySikh
3SukhdeepLamp of peaceBoySikh
4SimranjeetVictorious through meditationBoySikh
5SarabjotRadiant light of allBoySikh
6SatnamTrue nameBoySikh
7SukhdevGod of peaceBoySikh
8SurinderLord of the godsBoySikh
9SahibpreetLove for the masterBoySikh
10SukhjitPeaceful and victoriousBoySikh
11SatveerTrue warriorBoySikh
12SatpinderTrue god of loveBoySikh
13SurajdeepLamp of the sunBoySikh
14SukhwantPeaceful soulBoySikh
15SimranjitMeditative and victoriousBoySikh
16SahajveerHeroic in simplicityBoySikh
17SukhmeetFriend of peaceBoySikh
18SatinderpalProtector of truthBoySikh
19SukhbirBrave and peacefulBoySikh
20SurjeetConqueror of the godsBoySikh
21SahibroopEmbodiment of the masterBoySikh
22SurinderpalProtector of the godsBoySikh
23SatgurdeepLamp of the true guruBoySikh
24SukhpreetLove for peaceBoySikh
25SimranpreetLove for meditative remembranceBoySikh
26SahibmeetFriend of the masterBoySikh
27SatveerTrue warriorBoySikh
28SukhdevGod of peaceBoySikh
29SarabjitVictorious in allBoySikh
30SimranjitMeditative and victoriousBoySikh
31SahibroopEmbodiment of the masterBoySikh
32SukhmeetFriend of peaceBoySikh
33SatgurdeepLamp of the true guruBoySikh
34SimranpreetLove for meditative remembranceBoySikh
35SukhpreetLove for peaceBoySikh
36SatpinderTrue god of loveBoySikh
37SurajdeepLamp of the sunBoySikh
38SukhwantPeaceful soulBoySikh
39SahibjitVictorious masterBoySikh
40SatinderLord of truthBoySikh
41SukhdeepLamp of peaceBoySikh
42SimranjeetVictorious through meditationBoySikh
43SarabjotRadiant light of allBoySikh
44SatnamTrue nameBoySikh
45SukhdevGod of peaceBoySikh
46SurinderLord of the godsBoySikh
47SahibpreetLove for the masterBoySikh
48SukhjitPeaceful and victoriousBoySikh
49SatveerTrue warriorBoySikh
50SatpinderTrue god of loveBoySikh
51SurajdeepLamp of the sunBoySikh
52SukhwantPeaceful soulBoySikh
53SimranjitMeditative and victoriousBoySikh
54SahajveerHeroic in simplicityBoySikh
55SukhmeetFriend of peaceBoySikh
56SatinderpalProtector of truthBoySikh
57SukhbirBrave and peacefulBoySikh
58SurjeetConqueror of the godsBoySikh
59SahibroopEmbodiment of the masterBoySikh
60SurinderpalProtector of the godsBoySikh
61SatgurdeepLamp of the true guruBoySikh
62SukhpreetLove for peaceBoySikh
63SimranpreetLove for meditative remembranceBoySikh
64SahibmeetFriend of the masterBoySikh
65SatveerTrue warriorBoySikh
66SukhdevGod of peaceBoySikh
67SarabjitVictorious in allBoySikh
68SimranjitMeditative and victoriousBoySikh
69SahibroopEmbodiment of the masterBoySikh
70SukhmeetFriend of peaceBoySikh
71SatgurdeepLamp of the true guruBoySikh
72SimranpreetLove for meditative remembranceBoySikh
73SukhpreetLove for peaceBoySikh
74SatpinderTrue god of loveBoySikh
75SurajdeepLamp of the sunBoySikh
76SukhwantPeaceful soulBoySikh
77SahibjitVictorious masterBoySikh
78SatinderLord of truthBoySikh

1TavleenEngrossed in God's loveBoySikh
2TarandeepLamp of the starBoySikh
3TegbirBrave with the swordBoySikh
4TejinderRadiant and mightyBoySikh
5TirathdeepHoly lampBoySikh
6TaranjeetVictorious saviorBoySikh
7TavpreetLove for the divineBoySikh
8TejbirBrave and radiantBoySikh
9TarlokLord of the three worldsBoySikh
10TajinderGod of grandeurBoySikh
11TeghpreetLove for the swordBoySikh
12TejinderpalProtector of the radiantBoySikh
13TanveerBrave and enlightenedBoySikh
14TeghveerHeroic with the swordBoySikh
15TarnpreetLove for the saviorBoySikh
16TavmeetFriend of God's loveBoySikh
17TejdeepRadiant lightBoySikh
18TeghroopEmbodiment of the swordBoySikh
19TarlokdeepIlluminated lord of the three worldsBoySikh
20TanvirBrave and strongBoySikh
21TejinderRadiant and mightyBoySikh
22TirathdeepHoly lampBoySikh
23TaranjeetVictorious saviorBoySikh
24TavpreetLove for the divineBoySikh
25TejbirBrave and radiantBoySikh
26TarandeepLamp of the starBoySikh
27TegbirBrave with the swordBoySikh
28TejinderpalProtector of the radiantBoySikh
29TajinderGod of grandeurBoySikh
30TeghpreetLove for the swordBoySikh
31TejdeepRadiant lightBoySikh
32TeghveerHeroic with the swordBoySikh
33TavmeetFriend of God's loveBoySikh
34TeghroopEmbodiment of the swordBoySikh
35TanveerBrave and enlightenedBoySikh
36TeghpreetLove for the swordBoySikh
37TaranjeetVictorious saviorBoySikh
38TavpreetLove for the divineBoySikh
39TejbirBrave and radiantBoySikh
40TarandeepLamp of the starBoySikh
41TanvirBrave and strongBoySikh
42TejdeepRadiant lightBoySikh
43TirathdeepHoly lampBoySikh
44TegbirBrave with the swordBoySikh
45TejinderRadiant and mightyBoySikh
46TarlokdeepIlluminated lord of the three worldsBoySikh
47TeghveerHeroic with the swordBoySikh
48TavmeetFriend of God's loveBoySikh
49TajinderGod of grandeurBoySikh
50TanveerBrave and enlightenedBoySikh
51TeghpreetLove for the swordBoySikh
52TarandeepLamp of the starBoySikh
53TaranjeetVictorious saviorBoySikh
54TirathdeepHoly lampBoySikh
55TejbirBrave and radiantBoySikh
56TeghroopEmbodiment of the swordBoySikh
57TejinderpalProtector of the radiantBoySikh
58TajinderGod of grandeurBoySikh
59TeghveerHeroic with the swordBoySikh
60TeghpreetLove for the swordBoySikh
61TeghroopEmbodiment of the swordBoySikh
62TanvirBrave and strongBoySikh
63TarlokdeepIlluminated lord of the three worldsBoySikh
64TeghveerHeroic with the swordBoySikh
65TegbirBrave with the swordBoySikh
66TaranjeetVictorious saviorBoySikh
67TeghpreetLove for the swordBoySikh
68TejbirBrave and radiantBoySikh
69TajinderGod of grandeurBoySikh

Names starting with the letter "U" are not very common in Gurbani

1VarinderLord of allBoySikh
4VinodHappiness, joyBoySikh
5VirBrave, courageousBoySikh
6VivekWisdom, discernmentBoySikh
7VarinderpalProtector of allBoySikh
8VachitarVarious kinds of consciousnessBoySikh
9VahiguruWonderful LordBoySikh
11VaisakhiThe day of the spring festivalBoySikh
12VajeetOne who conquersBoySikh
13VajinderLord of victoryBoySikh
14VarseeratEssence of all seasonsBoySikh
15VandanSalutation, homageBoySikh
16VaseekaranOne who attains peaceBoySikh
17VasudevLord KrishnaBoySikh
18VedanthEnd of the VedasBoySikh
19VeerinderBrave LordBoySikh
21VidhataGod, the providerBoySikh
22VidhiaanOne who has divine knowledgeBoySikh
23VidyotRadiant, brilliantBoySikh
24VighnahartaRemover of obstaclesBoySikh
25VihangBird, free soulBoySikh
27VikasDevelopment, growthBoySikh
28VikramjitVictorious heroBoySikh
29VilakshanUnique, distinguishedBoySikh
30VinayModesty, humilityBoySikh
31VinodHappiness, joyBoySikh
32VirBrave, courageousBoySikh
33VirinderpalProtector of the braveBoySikh
34VirjeevBrave and livelyBoySikh
35VishalGrand, largeBoySikh
36VishramRest, peaceBoySikh
37VishvakThe universeBoySikh
38VishwajeetConqueror of the universeBoySikh
39VishwaroopUniversal formBoySikh
40VishwatejUniversal brillianceBoySikh
41VismadAwe, wonderBoySikh
42VismayAmazement, astonishmentBoySikh
43VismohFree from illusionsBoySikh
44VithalLord VishnuBoySikh
45VivekWisdom, discernmentBoySikh
46VrindavanHoly place in India associated with Lord KrishnaBoySikh
47VyaahWedding, marriageBoySikh
48VyomSky, spaceBoySikh
49VyoparBusiness, tradeBoySikh
50VyraagDetached, dispassionateBoySikh
51VyomeshLord of the skyBoySikh
52VachitarVarious kinds of consciousnessBoySikh
53VajinderLord of victoryBoySikh
54VarseeratEssence of all seasonsBoySikh
55VandanSalutation, homageBoySikh
56VaseekaranOne who attains peaceBoySikh

Names starting with the letter "W" are not very common in Gurbani

Names starting with the letter "X" are not very common in Gurbani

1YadwinderLord of remembranceBoySikh
2YajatSacred, divineBoySikh
3YajurA Vedic textBoySikh
4YakshaA celestial being in Hindu mythologyBoySikh
5YashFame, gloryBoySikh
6YashpalProtector of fameBoySikh
7YashveerBrave in fameBoySikh
8YatinderLord of devoteesBoySikh
9YogeshLord of YogaBoySikh
10YudhishthirOne who is steady in battleBoySikh
13YugantarEnd of an eraBoySikh
14YugrajKing of the eraBoySikh
15YujitOne who has conqueredBoySikh
18YugantarEnd of an eraBoySikh
19YugrajKing of the eraBoySikh
20YujitOne who has conqueredBoySikh
21YudhvirCourageous in battleBoySikh
22YatharthTrue, realBoySikh
23YathavanOne who follows the right pathBoySikh
24YatharthTrue, realBoySikh
25YathavanOne who follows the right pathBoySikh
26YatishLord of devoteesBoySikh
27YatneshLord of effortsBoySikh
28YashmitFamous and friendlyBoySikh
29YashwantOne who has achieved gloryBoySikh
30YashdeepLamp of gloryBoySikh
31YashwinderLord of gloryBoySikh
32YashmitFamous and friendlyBoySikh
33YashwantOne who has achieved gloryBoySikh
34YashdeepLamp of gloryBoySikh
35YashwinderLord of gloryBoySikh
36YashpalProtector of gloryBoySikh
37YashveerBrave in gloryBoySikh
39YatishLord of devoteesBoySikh
40YatneshLord of effortsBoySikh

Names starting with the letter "Z" are not very common in Gurbani